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Drive and Shine 

Alchemist is a company specializing in covering or decorating cars and cars' rooftops in pure 24-carat gold leaf.

This London-based company is run by Jacques Blanc, a former French art director whose acclaimed advertising campaigns in Paris include beauty, fashion and car manufacturers.

Alchemist uses a newly patented process to cover the car with gold, and it takes its team of specialist gilders about a week to complete a rooftop.

The roof is first polished to provide a shiny surface for the gold leaf to reflect. Skilled craftsmen then place individual gold leaves onto a layer of a special base. Finally an invisible shield is laid down to make the surface scratch-proof – and impossible to pick off.

Gold is not affected by air, heat, moisture or oxygen, and so is well-suited to car rooftops.

As a rooftop provides a symbolic protection, it is suitable for such an attention.

Each roof is signed, numbered and a certificate of authenticity is supplied, along with a guarantee.

If you're determined to go one better you could opt for gemstones set into the gold leaf – or choose a precious film of platinum or palladium.

International publications / media, including Time magazine (see Press) have published articles highlighting these golden rooftops.

For more information, please contact:

Jacques Blanc,

JacquesBlanc Ltd
219 Kensington High Street , London W8 6BD
tel: 0794 2670 376
int: +44 794 2670 376
fax: +44 207 3730 352

Jacques Blanc
69 rue des Gravilliers, 75003 Paris
tel : +33 6 8599 2091

about Jacques Blanc

A renowned French art director,
Jacques Blanc was famed in Paris
for his work on advertising campaigns for clients
such as L'Oreal, Hugo Boss and Mercedes.

Jacques Blanc has founded 'Alchemist',
a company that specialises in covering cars and car rooftops with 24 carat gold, palladium or platinum.

Alchemist can also decorate other items, such as laptops, in gold.