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The golden DB7 Aston Martin

JacquesBlanc Ltd –Alchemist as the trading name- is a limited company, registered February 2008 in Kensington High Street, London. It has already appeared in the international news magazine TIME, as well as media in UK, Europe and Asia.

The main focus of the company, run by renowned art director Jacques Blanc, is to decorate cars with pure 24-carat gold leafs.

JB Ltd took part in the British Motor Show at Excel, in July/August 2008. Its unique concept –gold applied to car exteriors, especially rooftops—was a success, attracting substantial attention.

 “Gold-leafing vehicles isn’t a new luxury. The Egyptians mastered the technique more than 3000 years ago and Tutankhamun’s chariot was decorated with gold leaves. We are simply continuing this ancient and opulent tradition.”


JB Ltd took part in the MPH motor show, Earls Court London from October 30th to November 2nd 2008.

JB Ltd and the MPH Motor Show Organisation settled up an amazing project: to showcase at the MPH Motor Show an Aston Martin DB7 entirely covered with gold and platinum. This Aston Martin was part of the car collection owned by Prince Francesco Ruspoli.